Vancouver Island
Kayak Tours:
Kennedy River Canyon

The Kennedy River and the valley it flows through is a lush and picture-perfect west coast rainforest setting. Mountainous, temperate and still wild, the water here is clean and green as it makes its way towards Kennedy Lake where it eventually meets the Pacific Ocean in Clayoquot Sound. Our 3 hour paddle will take you on an amazing eco tour through wilderness rich with fresh mountain air and the calming sound of moving water.

We launch our kayaks right from the longhouse check-in at the Canyon Bridge between Port Alberni and the Pacific Rim. Our guided kayaking trips start with a quick little upstream paddle into a rocky canyon that will blow your mind. From there, we continue downstream through an easy and exhilarating set of rapids. The river meanders and cuts its way through the rainforest in stages of deep water to faster moving water which constantly keeps you engaged and in the moment.

This paddle is an excellent way to get a true WestCoast Wild adventure. No matter what your paddling experience, river kayaking is a rewarding and exhilarating way to travel. Our professional interpretive guides will be with you to point out the many ecological wonders of this beautiful river and to help you to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Whether we're teaching kayaking tips or sharing the true stories of the valley's history: both First Nations and logging, we always do our best to give you a trip to remember.

All you need to bring is a durable pair of shoes you don't mind getting wet because shallow areas may require short portages. We supply the wetsuit, PFD, helmet and kayaks. We recommend that all cameras brought on this kayaking trip be waterproof.