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About Us

Your Vancouver Island Adventure Tour Guides

At WestCoast Wild Adventures, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. Our aim is to provide the finest ecotour experiences possible in an environment that welcomes diversity, challenge, sustainability and is beneficial to our communities. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in delivering a “true” form of eco-tourism.

Exploring BC in the Wild for over 40 Years

WestCoast Wild’s Classic Cessna 180 is based in Ucluelet. Perched on the rocky shoreline of the real WestCoast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet's village motto is "Experience Life on the Edge".

Framed by the Clayoquot sound, Pacific Rim National Park, the MacKenzie mountain range and the wild Kennedy river, Ucluelet has always been the perfect place to introduce people to the Pacific Coast Wilderness. The mighty Pacific Ocean surrounds us; it has carved the shores around the jagged mountain ranges of Vancouver Island since the beginning of time. The spectacular vistas here feature snow-capped peaks with waterfalls that form crystal clear creeks; lakes and rivers; crescents of sandy beach protected by rugged rocky points and long twisted inlets dotted with islands in all shapes and sizes. All this is set in an emerald rain forest that produces more bio-mass than any area on earth. It's an eco-system that supports a very diverse population of wildlife.