Research, Survey & Aerial Photography Flights over Vancouver Island

I've been very fortunate in my flying career, having flown scientists and observers over most of the 25,000km+ of incredible BC coastline.

It’s invigorating flying intelligent dedicated professionals who are passionate about their projects. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years and thoroughly enjoy it.

I am very familiar with the BC coastline, it’s cities, towns and villages. I am flexible in negotiating multi-day contracts with overnight stays in tents or hotels. I am proud to be a team member as well as the pilot on any project, I can cook, run boats, drive vehicles and take photographs. I have been involved in Seal, Sea-lion, Sea Otter, Sea Turtle, Basking Shark, Blue shark, Herring, Salmon and Creel surveys as well as Telemetry, Radar Fire, power line, and road patrols.

My Cessna 180 on floats has a STOL kit, Satellite Tracking System, Garmin Moving Map GPS. Aviation and Marine VHF radio, Satellite XM radio. 4 person voice activated Headsets system. C-FPML also has an STC for using Boat gas which gives it many more fuelling options on an often very isolated coast line.

I would consider any project because it’s what I like to do. Call Louis at 250-726-8668.

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