Paddle on the Calm Waters of Kennedy River

We supply Wet-suits, Life Jackets as well as the Paddle Boards and Kayaks.  

The beach is small so we limit the amount of people on the water at any one time. Most of the course can be observed by our staff from the bridge for safety. 


Paddle Club 2018 Season
May 18th - Sept 30th

The scale of the beauty to the size of this special area screamed at me to create an adventure that would take advantage of it’s diversity.  

The small size of this fragile eco-system demanded that the adventure be exclusive, slow and intimate. It is why we designed it as an exclusive club, not open to the public and with optional guides. "You need to be responsible for You !”

Launching from a sandy beach you are on the part of the river that becomes placid after it rages through the narrow carved gaps of the canyon. It’s where eons ago the river sculptured the shear walls of this section as well. An array of fantastic boulders of all sizes litter the bottom.

The rocks seem to change shape as the light plays through the crystal clear water. The waterfalls splash, sparkle and gurgle to their own whim depending on the recent rains. The flora and fauna have adapted to this special eco-system, some proudly seeking the sun others are tucked away hiding in crevices. This is the part where your senses will lead you, where you will slow down and observe. It’s the part that plays best here.   

$59.50/person for 2 Hour Membership

+ 7 to Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation Ha'uukmin Tribal Parks


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